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Gone are the days where I'd count fried chicken as a healthy source of protein. I still eat lots of lean beef, poultry, and fish, but now I stick to sautéing, poaching, broiling, and roasting. A few of my favorite ways to make my cooking methods even healthier:

  1. Substitute cooking spray for oil or butter. One tablespoon of oil is 14 grams of fat and a tablespoon of butter has 102 calories (all from fat).
  2. Don't add breading before you cook—it ups calories without increasing the nutrients.
  3. Lay off high-sugar, high-fat marinades. Instead, opt for low sodium soy sauce, fruit juices, vinaigrettes or other low-fat salad dressings if you want to give bland protein some kick.
  4. When in doubt, plop your meat onto a George Foreman indoor griller. The fat collected in the tray always astonishes me!


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