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Melissa Rycroft on DWTS

I'm not that big of a TV watcher--I only have time to be loyal to a few programs. However, the past few months I've been hooked to Dancing With The Stars....and for one reason, The Bachelorette's Melissa Rycroft. Like I said I'm only loyal to a few shows, and The Bachelor being my favorite, I already knew who Melissa was. Along with the rest of the nation, my heart broke when Jason publicly humiliated her and ran off with his second choice, Molly. We watched Melissa through her upset (which she handled so well), and then as she got the ultimate 'take-that' when she jumped right into the lineup for DWTS two days later (something we all wish we could have thrown into a guy's face after being dumped). Melissa was infectious to watch every week because her positive attitude, constant smiles, and obvious sweetness just exudes off of her (and her flat stomach and incredible gams were inspiring enough to get me off the couch and researching beginner hip-hop classes somewhere in Manhattan).

Maybe if it wasn't for DWTS her post-breakup recovery would have taken more time, however, I took something away from watching Melissa dance every week. When something knocks you down, the best way to pick yourself up is to do something good for you...something that makes you happy and feel better each day. In Melissa's case, dancing has been in her life for a long time (she was a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader), but for me, getting back to running, a sport I've done since I was in middle school, has made such a difference in my adult life. When I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed or just plain down in the dumps at that moment, I know after I have a good run, even though the problem isn't fixed in that half hour of jogging, I usually have a better outlook on any situation.

Melissa got to enjoy her sweet revenge to the boy that broke her heart through sashaying her 6-pack on a national dance competition, but I think we have a lot to learn from her story: focus on something you love doing that makes you feel good, and you will start to feel better, inside and out. I don't want to stop watching Meslissa dance! So hopefully we'll still see her in the public eye, maybe on another dancing program, or on a fitness special--because her toned body is definitely the one to inspire you to get in shape right now.  


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