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Michelle Obama launches LET'S MOVE

An interesting press release popped into my inbox this morning, the Let’s Move initiative founded by First Lady Michelle Obama. Usually, I don’t take much time out to read these types of emails (we get so many email blasts and spam with information that doesn’t pertain to our magazine, that I can’t possibly read them all!)—however, this one really stuck out. The idea that someone in government is doing something about helping obesity is really inspiring to me!

I was never a stick-thin kid, I had my ups and downs, but I was always pretty athletic growing up—a six-pack in sixth grade from karate classes and muscular quads from running so much—so it’s not like I have a personal story about being overweight when I was younger. But, I did waitress at a not-so-healthy restaurant (which I’d prefer to not name) for about seven years and I’ve seen my fair share of people who shouldn’t have been eating 2,000 calorie meals for lunchtime. While I waitressed, I also saw too many parents and children eating Buffalo wings and French fries, more than once a week. But who was I, as their waitress, to tell them they should think twice about having wings for the second or third day in a row? This is why Michelle’s initiative to reverse this obesity epidemic really speaks to me. She’s bringing attention and information to families, schools, doctors offices, and community leaders to get kids active again (put down the video games and close the computers for a little while!) and teach their parents the importance of growing natural foods and reading nutritional labels.

Even though in my everyday job I get to do work on stuff like this, it’s empowering to see that our government is finally getting involved too. If we make the right changes as adults and make moves get back into shape, then we should be passing this on to children as well. Check out Let’s Move at!


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