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Lammily: The New Doll Promoting a Positive Body Image and Realistic Lifestyle

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Pull your pink corvette over, Barbie—there's a new doll on the street. Lammily, the "new normal" doll is poised to knock the busty blond off her pedestal. (Not hard to do really, since Barbie's feet are so tiny that were she a real woman, she'd have to crawl to get around.) With brown hair, less makeup, shorter legs, and a thicker waist, Lammily isn't the expected contender for the doll crown—but, turns out, kids adore her for her positive body image

Barbie has long been a controversial figure. She was born a voluptuous "teenage fashion model" and has continued to be the epitome of unrealistic beauty standards. And it's not just her looks that are problematic. "Computer Engineer" Barbie brought down the wrath of the Internet when her book explained how Barbie relied on her male friends to do all the actual computer work.

This disconnect is exactly why Nikolay Lamm invented "the normal Barbie", named Lammily after himself. "I wanted to show that reality is cool," he explained. He crafted Lammily's body based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's figures on the average 19-year-old. He also created a sticker pack that you can purchase to give the doll acne, moles, scars, stretch marks, bruises, and even cellulite. Yes, you read that right—you can literally paste the "affliction" on her thighs and Lammily will still wear her bikini proudly at the beach. (Want to boost your body confidence? Read our Wacky Ways We Boost Our Confidence.)

Even more: For years, retailers have protested that Barbie has to stay idealistic (ahem, unrealistic) because that's what little girls want. That's why Lamm took his dolls to an elementary school to prove them wrong. "She's unique...she looks real," said one girl. "She's not as skinny as other dolls. I think she looks like a real live person," chimed in a little boy. "She's looks like a regular girl, going to school," said another.

Lammily also got lots of "I like her" and "She looks like my sister/aunt/friend" comments. And finally, Lamm gave the kids a Lammily and a Barbie and asked them which they'd rather receive as a gift. Most kids picked Lammily. Then the camera zoomed in on one girl grinning at Lammily. "She has a smile on her face and she looks like she would help somebody if they get hurt." Reality is cool. Check out the video below!


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