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Monday hangover

So you had a great weekend!  Couple of parties, some alcohol, a few snacks.. no big deal.  You even had a second helping of your favorite dessert, and of course it would be rude it you didn't have some birthday cake...

It is Monday morning and you finally got those pants zipped and buttoned.  Hey, there is a new addition of skin or something hanging over the waistline of your pants.  You can wear a big overtop, but that's a little obvious, or you can combat it with Winsor Pilates Crisscross.

Lie on your back. Take you hands, one on top of the other, behind your head.  As you raise your head and shoulders off the mat(yes make sure you have a mat) draw  one knee into your chest while the other leg is lengthened out  from the hip at a forty five degree angle from the floor.  Make sure your elbows are open wide,  shoulders down, and most importantly pull in your tummy.  Don't let your lower back off the mat for any reason. ACTION:  Twist from the waist(not the shoulders) reach one elbow towards the opposite knee.  Twist to the other side . changing legs and reach with the other elbow.  Do this ten times then pick up the tempo for another ten.  When you speed up maintain control of the movement and work within the frame of your body.  For a real nice burn perform ten more at a slower pace.  Like twist and hold it four counts before you change sides.

Do this everyday and it will help your hangover!!


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