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Like mother, like daughter

We recently published a piece in Shape (May 2009) about how so much of what we learn about food-we learn from our mother. And, as a mom myself, I do find that so much of what I do and say with regards to diet becomes part of my son and daughter's psyche. 'Mom, are these organic?' my son asks at the grocery store, looking for organic strawberries [which, I explained to him, contain some of the highest concentrations of pesticides of any fruit]. My daughter, who is just 18 months, loves salmon; fruits like strawberries and grapes; and salad (yes, completely true: she loves lettuce and tomatoes!). I remember my husband relating a story he had heard from one of his colleagues: 'Your son loves salmon???' he asked my husband. 'The only thing my son will eat is chicken nuggets and French fries!' But kids only eat what you give to them; the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as that old cliché goes. (I'm sharing a pic of my daughter who has developed a love of talking on the phone...hmmm...wonder who that habit comes from!)

One daily change: Whether you're a mom or an aunt or just are around young kids, lead by example. You can even volunteer to help teach healthy habits; one group of Shape staffers recently worked with Girls on the Run, which helps teach girls, 8-12, the importance of exercise.


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