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My Adventure

I am so excited to report that I lost 20 lbs during the late Summer and early Fall of 2010.  My weight loss adventure (a more positive word than struggle, wouldn't you say?) has been very tumultuous at times.  But for once, I managed to refuse any excuses for not going to the gym.  I am relatively young (late 20s), single, with no kids, so my usually excuses were either work- or school-related.

I give signigicant credit to my mother who was increasingly concerned about my weight gain.  Unfortunately, for the past two years, it simply was not possible for me to talk about it.  Plus, to me, I irrationally equated weight gain to failure.  I am such a Type A overcheiver and so accustomed to reaching my goals that I never wanted to openly admit I had a problem.  If I were to admit such, that meant weigh maintenance was something I had not successfully acheived over the years.  Finally, this summer, during a lovely respite between graduate school and full-time work, my concerned mother who does not hesitate to confront an unconfortable issue, encouraged me to join a gym.  I admit I am skipping over the fact that when she first broached the conversation, I completely shut down.  Thank goodness for a mother's determination!

So, here I am now, still overweight but incredibly excited to reach my next goal: 20lbs shed by Memorial Day 2011!  I will provide more details later (e.g., starting stats, progress tracking).  Wish me luck!


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