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My best tip for getting in shape

When I moved into Manhattan over a year ago and started working at Shape, I remember how overwhelmed I felt about all the sudden changes in my life. I was so excited to have landed my dream job and move out on my own that my workouts slipped to the wayside. Instead of fitting in a quick workout like I was used to when I lived at home, I squeezed in happy hour and late nights out (more than I should have) with my college friends working here too. Around the time I started blogging for Shape, I knew that it was time to shape up and get myself back on track--and my first few days back at the gym were such a struggle! After months of eating out and hanging out, I had forgotten what the motivation to exercise felt like. The best thing I did for myself was to get involved with training for a triathlon--certainly a big task to take on, but something like this was what I needed to get me going. I suggest that if you're having trouble shaping up for the summer months that are right around the corner (Memorial Day is already the weekend after next) signing up for a mini-race, like a 5K run or a walk in your town (most benefit a charity), is the easiest way to get instant motivation; and will have huge benefits for not only your health, but also the people you're racing for too.

On June 7th a few of us are running in the Rock & Run on the River--celebrating life beyond cancer--a 5K race along the Hudson River with live music along the way. Join us if you can or find a similar race in your area!


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