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My birthday gift to myself

Now, don't get me wrong, my birthday isn't until September--but I'm doing a little bit of advance gifting to myself. Today, we have off from work, so I booked myself a comprehensive medical visit with a top-notch MD, who's also an integrative medicine expert. I'm getting everything checked (levels of vitamin D, thyroid, bone density, cholesterol--you name it). I also want him to review the vitamins I'm taking--and whether I should be taking anything different (or even, if I should stop taking any of them). I'm calling it a much-needed tune up of sorts--that will hopefully give me a clear picture of how I can move forward into the next year healthier!

One daily change: Figure out what kind of annual reminder you need to get everything a thorough medical check (your birthday, the new year, etc)--and then book your appointments in advance. You deserve it!


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