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My Boring Breakfast--Not!

I love trying new foods for lunch and dinner, but when it comes to breakfast I'm pretty boring. I eat a bowl of oatmeal just about everyday. You'd think I'd get tired of spooning the same stuff into my mouth day after day, week after week.  But I don't because I've discovered a number of tasty mix-ins. Like, peanut butter and jelly (I stir in about tablespoon of each), or sliced banana, walnuts and a dash of maple syrup, or mango and coconut flakes (very tropical!). This morning I went with half a cup of frozen organic blueberries and crushed pecans. (That's what's in the bowl pictured.)  Seriously, the possibilities are endless. 

Oatmeal is the perfect fuel for runners because it's loaded with fiber that takes a while to digest, helping you feel full longer and keeping your energy levels up. I like to make mine with milk for an added hit of protein and an extra creamy texture. But other liquids work just fine, too. Once, I was out of milk so I substituted cherry juice and tossed in a handful of almonds—it was like eating a cherry-almond dessert! The key is to have fun and experiment with what's in the fridge.


What do you eat for breakfast? Do you like to mix it up?

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