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My day at Kleinfeld!

I found my dress and I owe it all to the wonderful Kleinfeld shop ( and Shape’s style director, Jacqui Stafford! I am on cloud 9—not only do I have the most wonderful fiancé, and the coolest job, but now I have the most perfect dress too! Everything is coming together so nicely; stress-free and fun! Just as it should be, right? Why waste time when you know what you want and why be indecisive when something feels right? That’s always been my motto and I really do live by it.


My morning spent in Kleinfeld was probably one of the most memorable days of my life—if you only get to go dress shopping once in your lifetime, checking out the mecca of wedding gowns Kleinfeld will be the experience of a lifetime. I’m so glad I had Jacqui with me to give me her honest opinion about what looked best on my body type. There were so many dresses I fell in love with, it could have been very easy to feel overwhelmed, but there were really only a few that gave me that “wow” feeling (and Jacqui’s stamp of approval)—and only one that gave me goosebumps when I slipped it on.













That's Mara Urshel the owner of Kleinfeld, me, Debbie, and Jacqui!

Just like we do in our everyday lives, we wear clothes that look best on our body, the same is true for wedding gowns. Sometimes what you see in the magazine on models, just won't look the same on you—and that's a reality we deal with all the time. But that's why you try on as many dresses as you can until you find one that's just right. My consultant at Kleinfeld, Debbie Asprea, was beyond helpful too—she saw where my mind was going with the dress I was describing, and pulled the most perfect one from the rack. Those ladies you see on the TLC show, Say Yes To The Dress, really are good at what they do—and they are genuinely happy and touched when you have that a’ha moment as you look at yourself in the mirror for the first time wearing the right dress.


Fortunately for the dress I’m getting, I’ll only really have to work out my arms—perhaps get them as toned as Kelly Ripa’s! You have to check back to see the video on our Shape Bride website and tell me your thoughts too. I haven’t purchased my dress yet, but I’m heading back to Kleinfeld in a few weeks with mom and bridesmaids to show them the “winner”. But let me know what you all think as well! With 11 months to go until my big day, I can now sit back and relax; I’ve got my venue picked and dress chosen. Now back to half-marathon on Sunday—wish me luck!


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