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My fave new hair salon!

Even in times of an economic crisis, and living on a budget as an assistant, my biggest splurge will always be my hair. Luckily, when new hair salons pop up all over the city, magazine editors are some of the first people that get to test them out. So a few months ago I snagged an appointment at Sharon Dorram Color at the Sally Hershberger Salon uptown. Maybe you don't recognize her by name, but you definitely know Sally for her trendsetting cuts on celebrities like Meg Ryan, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Sandra Bullock (the rocker-chic, shaggy-bobs were a sensation over night all because of Sally). Given Sally's reputation in the beauty industry, I wasn't nervous about letting a hair colorist that she hand-picked touch my hair, usually I freak out when I'm going to someone new.  

On my trip to this salon--Sharon's the former head stylist at John Freida and a good friend of Sally--I truly felt like one of the celebrities they treat everyday. Waiting inside the salon wasn't so bad either: imagine a salon as pretty as the people inside--exquisite French design and wide sky-windows overhead shining light onto me from the top floor of a Park Avenue townhouse--my hair and I really got the royal treatment (coffee and drinks served to me on a tray!). Sophie, an associate to Sharon Dorram, talked me through what I wanted to do with my hair--I was desperately seeking highlights but without the look of a two-inch strip through the top of my head a few weeks later! Sophie suggested doing a technique on me called baliage--something she's done on Gisele (yes, the supermodel!). I was so intrigued watching Sophie do my hair because she was actually painting my roots (using a small paintbrush) to give each strand more color. By using a paintbrush each piece of hair was getting its own treatment, rather than a chunk of hair as a whole being colored, which is what happens when you use foils--so my highlights would have longer-lasting color. This buys me more time between touch-ups, prevents the extra damage highlighting can cause, and saves me money too. And two months later, you wouldn't even know that I have highlighted trace of roots can be seen and the color is so fresh. I'll definitely be returning to Sophie : )


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