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My First Post

Hi! My name is Lauren. I am 22 years old and currently living in North Manchester, IN. I live with my wonderful boyfriend, Will, and we both attend Manchester College. We share a small apartment, and we both work at one of the few restaurants in town, the Main View Inn. Between school, work and bills there isn't a lot of time to think about being healthy. Of course Will can eat anything and look fabulous, but I just feel fatigued all the time.I can feel myself gaining weight and I'm starting to break out like I did in High School-ugh. I'm not exactly concerned with losing weight in terms of numbers, I don't even keep a scale in the house! However, I don't like this sluggish, unmotivated person I'm turning into! I'm still young and don't like the fact that I get winded walking the five blocks to school. I want to have energy and I think that the best way to accomplish that is to improve my lifestyle. Will and I live on a very tight budget, and it's very hard to be able to eat or cook healthy. The only other food we really eat is from the restaurant we work at- which is a bevy of all things fried and covered with sauce. I need to learn how to live well on a budget, and I need to learn how to start excersizing. I haven't worked out regularly since I played sports in high school, and I have no idea how to approach it. I like doing pilated videos, but I can never get into a routine. So my goal really is to start living a healthy, balanced life that I can live with vigor and EVERGY!


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