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My portion control boyfriend

Ever since Dino and I moved in together, we’ve been eating together. We try to plan our meals every week and cook something new on Sunday evenings. I’ve noticed however, that I tend to eat much less since we’ve moved in with one another. Since Dino’s such a healthy eater I’ve found that I’m mimicking his ways. He’s a little bit like my portion control! It’s not that my boyfriend doesn’t eat, or splurge on delicious things, he just naturally likes eating and snacking on nutritious foods and likes how he feels after he eats healthy meals. Normally when I was living alone I’d eat dinner way too late (since I went to the gym directly after work and got home past 9pm) and then stay up even later watching TV and snacking on popcorn, pretzels, or ice cream. Now that I’m living with Dino, we eat dinner as soon as we’re home and then work out a little bit afterwards. After the gym, I’m no longer grazing in front of the TV because I’m ready for bed. Although I haven’t worked out since the day before I went on vacation, I still feel good right now, but I’m looking forward to picking up a new fitness hobby after the holidays—I think I’m going to try Bikram Yoga. There’s a cool special at a studio near my office, $30 for 30 classes! Also, my triathlon training starts again in February, and I’ve recruited a few more Shape girls to do it with me too. More to come about that!


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