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My So-Called Jeans

Some part of your style identity will always be rooted in your teens. Coming of age in the Nirvana-grunge-flannel-shirt 90s years, I hold a special place in my heart for bleached-out, torn-up jeans. I wore them with rebellious pride in my small hometown in Central Pennsylvania, with a plaid button-down tied around my waist and Birkenstock clogs. (I'm cringing even as I type this.) I longed to be Angela from My So Called Life, with all her angst and bright red hair, but I was forced to settle for her jeans.

My look, thankfully, has evolved somewhat--but I'm still powerless to resist the American Eagle Outfitters Boyfit Jeans in Super Bleach Destroy Wash (on sale now for $45; A little surfer chick, a little tomboy, a little grunge rock--they're everything I desired circa 1992. I can't wait to wear them with everything this spring: chic ballet flats and metallic heels, striped t-shirts and sparkly tanks. Right now I'm tempted to kick it old-school style and dig up my flannel shirt.

Is there a trend from your youth you can't seem to shake?


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