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My struggle to lose weight

Hey everyone! I know that this might sound pathetic and I'm complaining right now..but damn losing weight is hard! I feel like i have no time nowadays to eat much of anything in school but then when I come home I'm so hungry that I end up binge eating - which is worse. I feel like everything I eat might be bad for me so I choose to not eat anything in lunch because what they serve isn't going to help me. So instead I pack an apple and a granola bar everday. However, I've heard that if you starve yourself you won't get very far - in fact, eating less that what you should eat will only bring you steps further from your goal. I really do want to lose 20 pounds, and from there possibly more. However, Its just hard because I feel as though not only do I eat less and then binge on unhealthy foods like fast food, but I also have no time to exercise! If anyone out there can give me some advice on how I can lose weight better through my eating habits, and how I can add great cardio into my schedule...please don't hesitate to respond. Thankyou!!


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