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My triathlon rundown!

My second-ever Olympic distance triathlon has come and gone...I’m so sad! I can’t believe it’s already done, just like that! For the past two years, every winter, spring, and part of summer, I’ve trained back-to-back months for the NYC Nautica Triathlon. I’ve spent more time preparing my mind and body for this race than I spent watching TV, reading books, or hanging out with my friends (all things that I account as my go-to mood boosters). However, I’ve gotta admit, these races make me feel so alive and I’m floating on Cloud 9 for days and days afterward. So, now that my race is done, I’m disappointed that I don’t have one to immediately look forward to (am I an endorphin junkie perhaps?)—which is why I’m scouring the Internet for a sprint in the Fall!













My coworker Meghan, and I, before the race. (That's my supportive fiance with the sign!)


The race this year went smoothly, even though the day started off so hot and humid…..and then it got even hotter. Besides the extremely high temperatures, I was so excited to be racing that I hardly even realized it was as hot as everyone said it was. My swim wave began a little after 6 a.m., and matching my time from last year (19 minutes), I was off on my bike, which I was really anticipating this season. Last year I had been so nervous because I hardly knew my gears, and afraid that my chains would come off or that I’d pop a tire, I crept along cautiously, up and down hills slowly, praying that it’d be over without any blunders. I was so confident this year that I would pick up speed on the bike portion of my race and hopefully break my overall race time of 3 hours and 12 minutes (because of this). But, truth be told, I didn’t get on my bike as much as I was able to fit in time in the pool and running after work; and without a gym membership anymore, no spinning classes kept my legs in their best cycling form. As I went up every hill, I knew I should have practiced much more. And by the time I made it to the run, I wanted to pick up speed, but the heat prevented me from pushing through as much as I would have liked. In all fairness, I probably could have run a little bit faster, but I was more concerned with trying NOT to stop at all, than I was with breaking my time. My favorite part of the race: my best friend, Emily, (who’s also my fitness idol) jumped in to run the 5-mile loop around Central Park and crossed the finish line with me! (They even tried to give her a medal!) If it weren’t for her by my side, pushing me to the end, I would’ve likely stopped for a breather.


In all, I think the race was a huge success! I didn’t break my time, in fact compared to last year, I added a minute on to each mile that I ran—I finished in 3 hours and 18 minutes (let’s blame it on the heat). I’m thrilled however that I kept my body moving for those entire 198 minutes that I was competing…no stopping or walking for this triathlete!


If you’re doing any fun sprints in the Fall, please let me know and maybe I’ll do it too!














One of those swimmers is ME!














Out of the water and sprinting to my bike...













This is what transition area looks like BEFORE you ransack it!














Going uphill on the bike....














Done with the bike, and starting my run to the finish line!














DONE! Until next time :)


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