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My Triathlon Training Plan: day by day

So I bought an amazing road bike (Dolce by Specialized; it runs around $899——and was my treat to myself) with clip-in pedals (and shoes). Then I got out on Saturday morning for a 10-mile ride; half way through (when I was feeling pretty darn good about myself, to be honest), I stopped and forgot my feet were clipped in to the pedals. One spectacular "crash onto the cement" later (knee and side of leg bleeding), I hobbled back on—-and kept riding (with ego definitely bruised as well). I haven't had bruises and scrapes like this since I was a kid. (My son thought it was pretty cool though!)

Sunday I got out for a 3.5 mile run and today was the first day when I actually biked and then ran. (My legs felt like jelly!) I did get a bit intimidated by the guys on speed bikes and fancy bike duds racing around the park at top-notch speed...but managed to go at my own pace (which is a good rule of thumb for any workout). For anyone starting or on a workout plan (whether you're training for anything or now), the key is consistency: you've just got to get out there and do it regularly. I've found since I've been running regularly, it becomes so much easier--and less tedious!

But here's the tri training plan I'm following from the May issue of Shape (not out on newsstands yet, so you're getting an advance "copy" here). Do this with me the first month, and then I'll put the next one up.


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