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Need extra motivation? Try this: Day 20 it's day 20 of my 21-day makeover plan. The goal of the plan: to establish good habits that will help you (and me) get healthy, lose weight, and boost confidence. (if you've just joined or even joined us half way through, you can still implement the healthy habits on your own time.) And even for those who have been following since the beginning, you can start the plan over again—until the healthy habits sink in.

But once this plan is over, don't get complacent. Tomorrow is February 1; it's the BEST time to start a shape-up plan as you have four months to make some changes. If you want to finally tone up your arms so you can wear sleeveless shirts when the weather gets warm, follow the strategies in this plan—and add some arm sculpting exercises from If you want to just feel better and have more energy, this plan will also do it. The keys: awareness about what you're eating, regular exercise, and toning moves at least two times a week. You don't have to go on some drastic deprivation diet. Start now with little daily changes and you'll be surprised how much a difference you can make by summer.

So today's best motivator: go shopping. You don't have to buy anything, just go into the dressing room and take a look at your body in one of those full-length mirrors. That's exactly what I did today—and I got re-motivated pretty quick. (Those dressing room lights are pretty darn harsh!) I know I need to keep following the strategies in my plan. Fast forward to May and that's exactly what you'll be doing—except you may get depressed if you hadn't started a plan earlier. Think ahead and get started now. You don't want to regret NOT doing it later on.

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