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Need help losing weight? Read this...

Well...after having 5 pancakes drenched with maple syrup this morning (no joke! But they WERE delicious! :-)) I decided I need to start keeping better track of my calories. I still have 5 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-kids weight...and it's SO hard to lose it (and pancakes do nothing to help that!). But the simple strategy of reducing your calories by 250 a day and burning an extra 250 calories a day is a good one—if you can keep track of that. And that's exactly why I joined Shape's Virtual Trainer, recently re-launched to be better than ever. I'm loving it!

Virtual Trainer has one goal: to help women just like you and me to lose weight—and keep it off. It's take some time to sign up now (it's spring; you've still got time to get into shape for summer!) It creates exercise plans for you based on what kinds of things you like to do (including cardio and sculpting plans) and tracks what you eat on a daily/weekly meal plan. My absolute favorite part is the tracking charts and graphs that visually show you your progress (you can print these out too and paste them up if that helps).

Keep me posted on your progress! And tell me what you like about Virtual Trainer and what you don't (that's how we can keep the one reason we do all this is for YOU).

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