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A 4-Ingredient Healthy Breakfast Recipe


You hit "snooze" a few too many times to make a proper breakfast. You skipped your morning workout. You bagged the stairs and subway and flopped into a taxi instead. We all have days when one (or all) of these things happen. For me, it usually ends with a scramble into work, where I grab the last seat in our morning meeting—directly in front of the indulgent breakfast foods spread across the conference table. There I sit, tortured by donuts, bagels, and a much-too-large stack of egg and cheese sandwiches ordered by the guys who stayed out too late the night before. Faced with a 45-minute meeting, I have no armor to combat exhaustion, dehydration, and food cravings.

Mornings like this used to take me straight through appetite alphabet: I'd take down everything from apple turnovers to Zeppolis. And at the end of it all, I always feel awful. So while I'm doing my best to plan ahead, I found a four-ingredient healthy breakfast that take less time to prep than placing an order, fuels me up, and tastes great. As always, Clueless In the Kitchen creator Paula Hankin delivers the goods. Sorry cronuts, it's quiche time!


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