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Am I Fitter Than a 5th Grader?


It drives me crazy when my kids complain about their various extracurricular activities. Cajoling them to eat their veggies is one thing, but begging them to go to baseball practice is another. If deal-making your kids into dance class is a part of your regular routine, you know exactly  what I'm talking about.

Tired of listening to my little crew quack about tough swim team practices and sick of sitting in the car while waiting for them to finish, I decided to take action. As my gang was goggling up, I pulled on my sporty one-piece and crashed swim practice.

We've all seen adults get schooled on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, so I decided to take on the challenge style! With the help of the Brant Beach Yacht Club swim team and the unwavering Coach Paul, I accepted the "Am I Fitter Than a Fifth Grader" challenge. Unfortunately I quickly learned that I'm definitely NOT. But I certainly got a great workout!

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An hour of swimming laps was a low-impact, high-intensity training session. Like yoga, swimming is great for helping clear your mind and drown out distractions. I have the tendency to slack if I'm left on my own, but today I had the benefit of a swim coach and a pack of kids showing me who was boss.

I certainly didn't end up taking home Gold, but it was a golden opportunity to be with my kids and work out without stressing my body. Plus, during these blazing hot days of summer, cool salt water feels a lot nicer than sweating in the street. I also learned to cut my kids some slack. I too think starting blocks with a sheen of sea algae are pretty gnarley and post-practice pushups are pure pain.

Another important lesson: Always have healthy snacks on hand after a long swim workout. When I got out of the water, I could have eaten size pizzas and a hoagie. Next time I'll be sure to pack some filling snacks.

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Ready to give it a try? Get your goggles and your groove on: Give yourself 30 minutes in the water, throw in a kickboard to mix up your laps, and make a splash!


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