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Behind the Scenes at Nike World Headquarters


I'm sad to admit that after an incredible summer focused on fitness and well being, returning to NYC has been a steady stream of work, family, and no balance. I may live in the Big Apple, but sadly I’m not eating many.

Today I'm enjoying an incredible experience at Nike World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon with the men and women who invented the phrase “work hard, play hard.” I'm a champion at both, but  for me, it’s always all or nothing. And right now, I'm 100 percent working.

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Out here in Oregon, it’s become so clear to me that fitness is not an add-on, not an extracurricular activity. It’s simply part of everyday life. From the finance team to shoe designers to Fuelband techies, everyone at Nike has a keen sense that treating our bodies with respect benefits all aspects of our lives. I'm also reminded that you don't have to be the fastest, the strongest, or the best. But if you want results, you do have to do the work.

During my time in banking, I was always racing to reach success in business, but my health was never a priority. Every single person I've met today is just as fiercely competitive as any top athlete or businessperson, but their edge is that they know you need to honor both practices to be a true success.

This all sounds great to talk about, but what are we going to do about it? As I’ve said many times before, take baby steps. For me, the first step was pushing back my return flight, picking up a new pair of Nike Flyknit sneakers, and fitting in a hike and hopefully a yoga class with my producer before we head home.

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Will we be jet-lagged tomorrow? Yes. But we’ll also get to experience the beauty of the pacific northwest and truly live here instead of simply exist for a couple of days.

Signing off from Nike World Headquarters, where I'm JUST DOING IT!


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