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The Best Fitness Inspiration From Italy

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa is close to my heart. When I was a student, I spent a semester in Florence. I have incredible memories of the amazing art, architecture, and of course food. I prefer the recollections in my mind over the photos, because I end up looking like a meatball parmigiana. So when my favorite fitness partner Jay Cardiello introduced his own Leaning Tower, I was hoping for that same dolce vita, without the extra side of sausage.

The Leaning Tower is an ideal exercise for moms because it targets the entire posterior chain—the muscles we use to lift and twist. Why do I like it? It’s pretty simple, and while I still don't have the "workout glee" many other women experience, I’m feeling pretty good in my pre-baby jeans.

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So if you, like me,  prefer your baggage neatly placed in an overhead compartment, not lumped around your midsection, check out the video below and start incorporating the Leaning Tower into your routine.


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