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A Flat-Belly Secret from Charlie's Angels


Who are Charlie’s Angels? To some they were stealth female private investigators in the 1970s. To me they were a trio of incredibly beautiful power chicks with kickin’ bodies and post-disco wardrobes to match. So when fitness all-star Jay Cardiello introduced me to the "Charlie’s Angels" exercise, I immediately envisioned myself in some high-waisted jeans and a gun holster.

This one exercise hits your core, buns, hips, and thighs, while also improving balance and coordination. It requires constant focus so you can’t daydream (or watch the clock). Like many of my favorite exercises, Charlie’s Angels is low impact but super challenging, and you don’t need any equipment or a lot of space.

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I might not have the perfect feathered hair or a head-turning high kick in stiletto boots, but three sets of Charlie’s Angels a day certainly gets me closer to looking great in a pair or short shorts and knee socks. Check out the video demonstration below and add this move to your routine today!


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