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The Fun Way to Stay Fit on Family Vacation


As working women with jam-packed schedules, many of us don't actively aspire to have rocking' bods. We might dream of them, but sometimes we associate fitness with vanity and that's a mistake. Sure, the common goal of exercise is to look good, but last week I learned that if I want to keep pace with my kids, I've got to have my running shoes on... literally.

My sons and I spent Thanksgiving break tearing it up at The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Between the water slides, sea lion swims, dolphin feedings, and sting ray snorkeling, I was wiped out every day. The boys are four and seven years old, so luckily they still want to hang with me. And fortunately I'm able to keep up with them, racing around from dawn till dark. But it's exhausting, and the massive amounts of food they serve at resorts don't help when you're hauling an inner tube up a slippery flight of stairs.

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Sadly I noticed a lot of amazing moms during my trip who were missing out. They put in all the work to plan, pack, and pay for these great family vacations and then watch their kids spring into action while they manage towels, beach bags, and snacks.

My advice for next time: Bag the snacks and forego the mall trips to get adorable beach bags and matching swim trunks. Instead, spend a little time before vacation building up some strength and stamina. Try the seven-minute workout app on the iPhone. It's so simple—who can't find seven minutes to spare?

When we look back on our trip, I suspect we will all forget that my boys T-shirts could have been newer and their rash guards less "rashed."  But we'll always remember the action-packed adventures we all did together.


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