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Getting My Body Back in Business


As an anchor for Bloomberg TV, a wife, and a mother, I have a lot to juggle. And unfortunately, like so many other working moms, my health sometimes ends up dead last on the priority list. But when my husband Andy and I learned that we were expecting our third baby (a girl!), I knew that had to change.
Memories of my first pregnancy—six years ago—are filled with pre-natal yoga classes, food journals, and infant product consumer reports. But two children and a career in the news business later, the closest thing I have to a journal is the to-do list scribbled in the margin of my Wall Street Journal. This time around, I needed a new fitness plan—one that's in line with the commitments and sacrifices I am (and am not) truly willing to make. Remarkably I found my solution at work.

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I did a feature on Bloomberg TV last year about JCore, a do-anywhere, 20-minute workout program that’s immensely popular among the Wall Street crowd. In an industry where the top dogs are long on pressure and short on time, people often let their health and fitness go, just like working mothers.

In both of my full-time jobs—mother and journalist—every day starts as a blank slate. You never know what big story will break or when, so it’s crucial that I have the energy to stay ahead of the headlines (or break them myself). That’s true whether I’ve just had a baby or not, but sometimes it takes a major life event to re-evaluate your priorities. To help me create a post-pregnancy plan to get my body back in business and better than ever, I’ve tapped JCore founder Jay Cardiello. I’ll kick off my journey next Monday (April 29), when Jay and I meet for our first session, and then track my progress over the next 12 weeks. Beyond my candid reaction to intense workouts and sleepless nights, I’ll be sharing the details of my training sessions with Jay, expert nutrition tips, and many more hilarious (yet valuable) stories and advice.

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Do I have a winning strategy? I don't think there’s a one-size-fits-all formula for success, but I look forward to finding out. Be sure to check back next week, when I reveal my “before” picture and share the principles behind the JCore program that guarantee results.


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