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A Healthy Meal No One is Too Busy to Make


City girls are known for using their ovens to store sweaters and lining their bookshelves with shoes. I'm not guilty of either, but I've mentioned before that full-scale meal prep wears me down. When I walk through the meat and fish departments of my local grocery store, I always feel overwhelmed. Plus, preparing a pork tenderloin on a Tuesday night just isn't a possibility and in turn, I end up skipping protein altogether. I needed an action plan.

With the help of my go-to healthy chef, Paula Hankin, I learned how to whip up an easy, awesome, and super-healthy dinner. Another lesson from our time in the kitchen: You don't need skills like Julia Child to prep a sweet dinner that nails all the important food groups and looks great on a serving plate. Paula may be the founder of "Clueless in the Kitchen," but with her secrets, we'll be be swapping "clueless" for "genius" in no time. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to make quinoa and spinach stuffed eggplant.

Side note: I'm starting to believe in the power of great weather/great bodies. I don't know if it's the sight of spring flowers or summer bikinis, but my stair climbing is quickly turning into stair sprinting as the weather warms up. Watch out!


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