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How I'm Losing the Baby Weight... in Bed!


Newborn babies spend their perfect little days sleeping and eating. Mothers of newborn babies spend their days feeding, organizing, and doing everything but sleeping! I wouldn't exactly choose to go to the gym on a good day, so when I'm running on less than six hours of sleep, it's the last place you'd find me.

When fitness aficionado Jay Cardiello asked if I'd ever heard of working out in bed, my mind immediately went to the obvious and I reminded him it wasn’t exactly on the top of my priority list this week! Jay fished my mind out of the gutter, and I learned that my snugly warm bed is the perfect place to fit in a little core workout. The unstable surface forces more muscles to engage to prevent you from falling over. It's the same concept as performing exercises on a Bosu ball—I've definitely embarrassed myself on more than one of those, flailing around like a loony bird in an attempt to balance my tree pose. But now I can build core strength from the comfort and privacy of my own bedroom.

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Today I did a series of planks, bridges, and even squats on my bed. I may not have the best form (yet!), but it's hard to find an excuse not to do it. I'm within an arm's reach of the bassinet, where I can pop a pacifier in, and I can watch my show Market Makers on BloombergTV at the same time. I don't even need to count—I just stay in plank until my co-anchor finishes a question (With the number of words my partner Erik Schatzker jams into a question, I might actually have a shot of getting a legit set of abs!).

Don't forget to take advantage of other "home workout" tricks like when you're in the shower. While I prefer to use my time with a deep conditioning treatment, belting out Florence and the Machine, throwing in calf raises at the same time doesn't hurt.


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