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How to Make Peanut Butter Banana Pops


I spent Memorial Day weekend at the beach with three of my favorite "Fs:" friends, family, and food. With grandparents and awesome uncles in tow, that meant a constant supply of frozen custard, fudge, and funnel cake for my kids. Walking down the Betheny Beach boardwalk, I caught my reflection as I yanked a piece of salt water taffy out of my back tooth. I suddenly realized it was neither a good look or choice for me or my kids.

Thinking about what my kids love most, there's one thing that ranks higher than any sugar-filled dessert: an extra large serving of my husband and me. If I drop Oreos in their lunch boxes, they will surely eat them, but it's not what they really love. My kids love adventures, projects, and contests, and they love spending time with me. Since I know the days of being my kids' No. 1 are numbered, I decided to act fast.

When I returned from the weekend, I called in the expert on healthy eating and creative kids activities, Clueless in the Kitchen founder Paula Hankin. Though I try to serve my kids healthy snacks, they turn up their noses at fruit skewers on the side of their plate. What they can't resist is getting their own hands dirty, and in this case it's in the kitchen. As soon as I pulled out a step stool and some shiny new utensils, my 4-year-old son Reese was all in. The menu item might have helped a little too: a peanut butter recipe for banana pops. Check out the video below to see how simple it is for Paula, Reese, and I to prepare this tasty (and healthy!) treat.



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