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How to Stop ProcrastinEATing


ProcrastinEATing. You might not know the term, but like me, you might suffer from this dreadful plight.

Though I love to travel, over the years my disdain for packing has worsened, and having to organize and pack my brood is downright debilitating. And that's exactly what I've had to do in preparation for this cold, rainy Memorial Day weekend. The unfortunate result is my bad habit of procrastinEATING. When faced with anything I don't want to do—a project, task, even a stressful phone call—I find myself wandering down to my kitchen for a snack.

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It's not the end of the world, and maybe even delivers the energy boost I need to dig around for Crocs and sunblock. But its yet another example of how I eat more than I realize, and because those "snuck-in snacks" are never planned, they're almost always unhealthy. So while I may have procrastinEATed my way to our vacation spot, those pesky suitcases are now finally unpacked and Memorial Day weekend has officially begun. We've got three days to be living well and enjoying ourselves.

My weekend words of advice: Steer clear of hot dog eating contests, keg stands, or ice cream parlors serving anything called "the kitchen sink sundae".

Take a walk on the beach, in the woods, or down a relatively empty city street. And if you are prone to procrastinEATing, get out of the kitchen Inject a little balance into your weekend planning. Think ahead so you aren't hitting the highway fast food joint, and forget about the 60 percent chance of rain and your stiletto goulashes.

When you've got a smoking hot body, packing isn't an obstacle. You don't need to over think what coordinating shoes and handbags you put in your suitcase. After all, have you ever heard anyone gush over Kate Upton's earrings?


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