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How to Work Out Less and Get Better Results


Tennis is a great summer sport. I especially love mixed doubles with my husband, but for hardcore exercise enthusiasts, tennis doesn't always pack enough punch.

With summer barbecues in full swing, I asked my dear friend and tennis pro Mike Craparro how to amp up my morning tennis session with the ladies. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to sweat out all the holiday drinks, hotdogs, and desserts I've enjoyed this week. And he certainly delivered. I learned the hard way just how intense Friday morning Ladies Round Robin Tennis can be.

Before we even picked up our racquets, the court was transformed into our personal gym. We covered every square inch doing drills like the list below:

Laps around two courts
Lunges across the baseline
Pushups in the doubles alley
Skipping to the net
Shuffling cross-court

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And since staying quick and agile on your feet can be the key to winning or losing in tennis, we also worked in squats and some balance training.

After 30 minutes of cardio and plyometrics, we grabbed our raquets and had a great morning of tennis. My body felt super warmed-up and my cardio was done for the day.

The real punch line here has nothing to do with tennis. It's that you can modify any activity to be as high or low impact as you want it to be. Knowing your limits is an important aspect of protecting your body and being safe, but knowing your real capabilities can be the key to getting results.

Unless I move to a retirement community, I don't plan on winning any club championship. But with every pushup, I'm a little bit closer to looking great in a tank top, and that's worth more to me than a trophy anyway!


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