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The Latest Fitness Trend: Workout Bombing


Remember when you'd swing by a neighbor's house and get offered a beer or maybe a cup of coffee? Well, in the age of P90X, CrossFit, and eating like a caveman, my friends are now offering fitness tips over food.

On a recent evening walk, my friend Susie and I stopped by to visit our friend Mike Weinstein, who was returning from a run. Mike was wrapping up his workout with a quick round of pushups and recruited (more like demanded and shamed) Susie and me into joining. While his form, stamina, and advanced move modifications blew us out of the water, it was an enjoyable and unexpected five-minute strength session that easily could have been five minutes of unnecessary eating.

Mike did offer us Popsicles, but not the sweet frozen treats we all know and love. He had us doing "The Popcicle," a toning exercise that improves balance by requiring you to stand on one foot, bend over to touch your toes, and end with a jump.

Clearly it was all a bit silly, but we did end up doing squats, pushups, and mountain climbers—not exactly a full-blown impromptu training session, but it was fun. And something is always better than nothing.

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So what's my point? Popping over to see a friend doesn't have to involve a high-calorie drink or high-fat snack. It's a learned, mental association that we can (and should!) change. I always hate the way I feel when, after planning a healthy eating day, suddenly I've had a birthday cupcake at the office or a morning donut at school drop-off without even thinking about it.

Next time you stop to chat with a neighbor after your evening run or walk, tell them to join you for 10 pushups instead of a glass of white wine. You heard it here first: "Workout Bombing." It just may be the new flash mob.


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