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The Most Convenient Healthy Snacks


Over the last seven weeks, I've really learned the benefits of packing smart snacks for myself. I know it’s a pain and requires planning ahead (and I can barely remember to pack my kids' lunch, so who am I kidding?), but the Diet Cokes that held me over as a 22 year old just don’t cut it anymore.

When I 'm running around all day with my kids, I get hungry. That's when I end up wandering into a coffee shop and walking out with something frap-tastic and fattening. Or I think I'm being "good" by ordering a fro-yo based smoothie and pretending it’s not packed with sugar. The fact is I don’t make good choices when I'm super hungry and have limited options.

In an effort to snack smarter, ventured to the protein bar section at my local grocery store, but I couldn’t figure out which bars were meant to bulk me up and which would help slim me down. So yet again, Clueless in the Kitchen queen Paula Hankin came to my aid with a variety of great between-meal options.

Now I'm embracing my inner soccer mom, buying extra Zip Locks, and throwing some healthy snacks into my bag. Maybe one of these days I'll remember to pack Band-Aids and a diaper—though a snack is way more important. Trust me, when you’re sitting on the sidelines of a little league game, another mom is much more willing to part with a Baby Wipe than a bag of almonds. Check out the video below to see Paula’s favorite healthy, grab-and-go snacks.


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