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My Best Tricks to Enjoy Halloween Treats


When it comes to sticking to my diet and promoting healthy eating, I'm only willing to go so far. It's one thing to serve salad as the main course at your adult dinner party, but handing out carob squares to trick-or-treaters takes it to a whole new level—and one that I'm happy not to reach. Plus, I've learned that for me, deprivation is the fastest route to failure.

I realize that there isn't a fitness guru, health expert, or even a rational person on the planet who will tell you bags full of sugar-packed snacks are good for anyone. But as a mother and costume enthusiast, Halloween is one holiday where I simply submit to the sin. That doesn't mean I pull up in front of the biggest apartment building I can find and send my kids knocking on 99+ doors before they collapse on the floor and gorge with a "Best of Nestles" tour. Instead, my boys and I hit the streets on foot, walking our entire neighborhood, one storefront at a time.

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I won't be carrying their swords, wands, or any other costume accoutrements they insisted that I buy, and I'm certainly not carrying their candy collection. If my kids want to enjoy the fruits of the holiday, they'll climb the tree and get the coconuts themselves.

As for my diet, I don’t plan on writing Halloween off as a “cheat day.” Even though my candy options will be limited to my kids rejects, I too will have to hit the pavement to earn my holiday treats. (So if my husband is reading this, he has two options: 1) leave work early and join the trick-or-treating tradition or 2) witness our hard-earned chocolate indulgence while he goes crazy on quinoa.)

The bonus prizewinner is our doorman, who is allotted two massive handful of candy from each person's bag. It cuts back on our total consumption and adds to the holiday spirit—a win win!

Is this a recipe for rock-hard abs? Not even close. But it's a feasible way for my family to enjoy the holiday without resulting in a stomachache from overrating or a headache from my kids crying over missing out.

Happy Halloween! Have fun… but not too much fun!


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