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My Win-Win Fitness Strategy That Really Works


I've had to make quite a few "adjustments" while on maternity leave. People say the news business never sleeps, but those people have clearly never cared for a newborn. If I don't have a daily game plan, absolutely nothing gets accomplished. While I've been successful at keeping the household machine humming, I still need to clean up my act.

You don't hear a lot of "thank you," "pardon me," and "please" in a newsroom, and given the pressures of live TV, the amount of cursing could rival a fleet of sailors. Now that I'm spending more time among kids, moms, and camp councelors, I've been trying to keep my mouth in check with a strategy that serves multiple purposes: the curse challenge.

I've tried the family curse jar before, but it never works. I always end up tossing in a twenty as a down payment or ignoring it completely. So this time, for every bad word uttered, I drop and do five pushups--anytime, anywhere. I've already hit the floor in the grocery store, multiple restaurants, and I've even pulled the car over to get down on the sidewalk. It's a win-win situation that's working! I dread pushups so much that I've adopted phrases like "gosh, dangit" and "oh nellie!" The silver lining of losing is that if I can't stop cursing, I'll end up with amazingly sculpted arms.

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The challenge is catching on. After a windy morning of ladies tennis, I had my girls Bethany and Jennifer on the courts busting out five to 10 reps after each game! With this challenge, we're all cursed!


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