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The Only Kind of Popsicle That Burns Calories


While a luxury gym membership and a flexible schedule can make sticking to a regular workout routine easier, they're certainly not required. To help whip my body into shape, my favorite fitness guru Jay Cardiello and I warmed up with a quick jog around the neighborhood, then did some strength moves to target my post-baby trouble zones.

My favorite exercise? The popsicle. This one move works all the muscles in the backside of your body, including your lower back, glutes, thighs, and hamstrings. To get your core in shape, Jay's best tip is to "work below the naval." That way, you'll engage your three largest muscle groups (glutes, thighs, hamstring) which helps maximize your fat burning.

While a new mom and career woman might have limited time, working these muscle groups for just five minutes a day makes a difference. And if it's too challenging, don't be afraid to modify. In the video below, Jay demonstrates how simply putting your back foot down makes the move much more manageable while still challenging your body. Check it out, and remember that whether you're operating at minimum, medium, or maximum capacity, it all beats doing nothing!


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