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The Real Key to Keep Seeing Results


School is out, summer is officially here, and I'm thrilled to be down in Long Beach Island with my kids. While on maternity leave and in full-time mom mode, I've felt like I have even less free time now than I do when I'm working. When I'm not on-air at BloombergTV, I can always manage to sneak in a quick trip to Saks or even a lunch date with a friend. But summer camp started this week and between hopelessly rigging my son's sailboat, packing lunch, hunting for goggles, and remembering to actually bring a racquet to tennis lessons, I'm wiped out.

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I've spent weeks back in city checking out all the possible exercise class schedules down here and planning a super-sporty summer for myself. Well, guess what? When you've got kids, camp, and a house to manage, your hopes for a gold medal booty fly out the window pretty quickly... if you let them. The key is DON'T GIVE UP. Doing something is always better than nothing. Here's what this might mean for me:

1. I can't make it for the full hour of aerobics, so I’ll do it for 45 minutes.

2. I don't have time for a long walk on the beach, but if I give myself 15 minutes on each side, we can walk to camp instead of drive.

3. If I need to run to the store for milk, I’ll do it when I have a sitter so I can take a bike and go to the store a little farther away.

If I compared notes with my NYC ladies on the east end of Long Island, I've already failed in the all-organic, fabulously fit summer department. But I'm sticking with my plan to MOVE IT. Sweating to pick up milk doesn't exactly make for a glossy mag photo opportunity, but it IS getting me closer to a bikini body.
Stick with it!


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