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What Finance Can Teach You About Your Body


Sweat equity! Fitness expert Jay Cardiello indulges my affinity for financial markets and reminds me that our bodies are like banks and we need to make "healthy deposits." It's a great metaphor to keep in mind, but I can't follow strict rules or diets. And in the spirit of banking and bodies, what happens when you love junk bonds? Healthy deposits may be right for your body and mind, but every now and again, you want dark and dangerous. That's real life.

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In financial markets, junk bonds can give you big flashy returns. It's a fun and wild market, but when those bonds go down, they sink like the Titanic—and it's hard to survive. As for my well-being, I simply don't have the hardcore regimen that delivers guaranteed positive returns. Sometimes I like to dabble in the junk market. If we view our bodies like investment portfolios, I highly recommend diversification.

My dear friend and producer on BloombergTV came over for dinner Tuesday night to meet our new baby girl, Drew. What's nice about having three kids is that your friends know you don't have the space or desire for more kid gear, so they come bearing delicious dessert and wine! Sometimes it's great to take a workout class with a friend. Sometimes a long walk together can be cathartic. And other times, it's just great to split a bottle of wine and indulge in decadent cookies from one of the best bakeries in New York.
Well, that's what we did.

I did in fact prepare a healthy dinner. But it's tough to truly enjoy a special bottle of wine with baked butternut squash alone. Could I have resisted dessert? Maybe, but to be honest, I really didn't try. I'm not proud to have taste-tested every variety of cookie Levain Bakery makes. I'm also not ashamed, and I certainly didn't hit the treadmill before bed. I had a great night with a dear friend. Everyone should have that luxury every once in a while. When it comes to my body and well being, it doesn't have to be strictly winning or losing at all times.

As for tomorrow...

I will NOT be hopping on the scale in the morning or trying on my pre-baby wardrobe.
I will still be laughing about the great stories shared over dinner.
I will NOT finish my sons' grilled cheese or snag any of their french fries.
I will take the time to make steel cut oatmeal instead of grabbing carbs for a breakfast on the go.
I will make more of a commitment to get my body back than I did today.

One more thing I won't do? Regret eating, drinking, and laughing, because that's real life. And it's pretty awesome.


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