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What Shred at SLT Taught Me About Dating in NYC

SLT Yoga

Today's post is for all the single men out there. I've been back to work on my BloombergTV show Market Makers for almost two weeks now. While I'm missing my kids, who are wrapping up their summer vacation at the beach, I've been checking out new exercise classes all over town. After panting my way through SLT's Shred class, a strength training workout that’s laced with cardio bursts and plyometrics, I had a revelation: Hardcore fitness classes are jam-packed with hot women!

SLT (Strengthen Lengthen Tone) has been described as what you would get “if cardio, strength training, and Pilates had a baby.” SLT's yoga director Erin Jacques created her signature Shred class for yogis who want to kick things into high gear. In other words, this is not yo mama's yoga class! Two days later, I'm still feeling the burn.

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Beyond the efective combination of training styles, Shred is set to a killer playlist in a room filled with fit and inspiring women. I was blown away by their balance, strength, and determination. The moves were easy enough for a first-timer to follow along, but the transitions required a ton of focus and agility so there was never an opportunity to let my mind wander out of class. It was a hardcore work out that also delivered that post-yoga euphoric feeling—a great option for anyone who loves the spirit-lifting yogi experience but doesn’t have time for a full 90 minutes of "Om Shantis.”

I don't expect many alpha males to get jazzed over Zumba, Hip Hop Abs, or Belly Dance Boot Camp, but there are so many classes out there, like Shred, that are great for anyone looking to really challenge their body.

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My class was at a maximum capacity, but there wasn’t a single male in the room. So my advice to any man who wants a great workout and the chance to meet a medley of women basking in their post-workout glow: Get to class! Just don’t saddle up next to my mat—I’m long on the euphoria and enthusiasm, short on the hardcore hotness.


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