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A New Challenge...

is not always an exciting, fabulous party, so most weeknights after
work and the gym I call it a day. Sometimes I wonder if I'll get stuck
in a rut if I don't have anything new to work towards. I've
accomplished some big goals--graduating, moving out, and my first
job--all in a matter of months. So, when an opportunity arose for me to
join Team in Training and run the NYC Nautica Triathlon I figured now's
as good as a time as ever, right? I think everyone needs a personal
challenge every once in a while to keep life exciting. Although it's a
pretty big goal to take on just like that (and with no formal marathon
running or triathlon experience), I justify the intense training I'll
be doing with the fact that I'm a gym-rat and runner anyway--I ran
cross-country and played lacrosse in high school. Besides, if other
people can swim a mile, bike 25, and run six, why can't I?

can, I will, and I'm doing it! My friends think I'm crazy and can't
believe I'm willingly going to swim in the Hudson River, but when I've
abstained from going out some nights (because I know how hard it would
be to wake up early to run) they know I'm serious. If you're not
familiar with Team in Training, check it out on their website,
and in this month's Real Life essay when one reader shares her
triathlon journey. As a member of Team in Training I'll be raising
money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I'm doing this in honor
of my college roommate Rachel--a leukemia survivor--who will be waiting
for me at the finish line come July! I've already started training,
waking up most mornings before work to run or bike--keep reading and
I'll tell you all about it.

Now that I let the world know, looks like there's no turning back. :)


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