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New favorite ab routine

This is my new favorite ab routine that I did for Pilates for Pink due out in late summer.  As promised, a sneak peak just in time for summer.

Lie flat on your back.  Cross left leg with bent knee over the other. the foot should land at the opposite knee.  do this as you roll on  your right side. Place you right hand under your head for support and stretch you left arm (fingers reaching long) parallel to the floor and outside your left thigh.  do fifteen to twenty crunches.  the second part is to take the hand that is under your head and reach it long on your mat out in front of you. the left hand will go behind your head. Legs come straight together (left on top of right) and you do fifteen more crunches into your waist!!  You will be lifting your legs together as well as  moving your upper body.  The arm that is straight on the floor will help you.  Last, but certainly not least, Navy Seal Crunches.  Just lift your upper body a little higher  and bring you knees bent in to you chest.  As you release your pulsing up with your knees bent, straighten the legs out.  Do these bad boy crunches fifteen times.  Of course repeat to the other side.  


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