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A new fitness challenge

A few weeks ago I went biking in Philly with my boyfriend. We did a 30-mile bike tour of Fairmont Park—considered one of the largest urban parks in the country, which stretches along the Schuylkill River. It was nice to be out of the city for a change, and biking on dirt trails; there's only so much variety you can get living in NYC. During our three-hour ride, we stopped along the way a few times (once to run up the famous “Rocky steps” at the Philadelphia Art Museum!). It was such a beautiful trip and so relaxing…it kind of made me miss the athlete I was just a few months ago.

Since completing my triathlon, I'll admit, I've been slacking. I still get in around 4 days of exercise a week, and something is always better than nothing, but I haven't been as enthusiastic about getting out of bed to go to the gym or running in Central Park on weekends. I almost feel like I don't have anything to work toward, so it's okay to miss a workout here or there, why not, right? But this bike ride in Philly made me realize how good I feel after I accomplish a new fitness challenge. That's why I signed up for a bike race here in NYC next week, the Bike MS NYC, which raises money for multiple sclerosis. I've signed up for the 30-mile ride through New York City—this should be interesting as they've closed down most major roads for the race to go through--and I even got Emily, one of my best friends and college gym buddy, to do it with me. I'm trying to get my closest friends hooked on endurance sports like I am, so hopefully one of them will join me next summer for the Nautica triathlon again. I'm excited to get back on track with my workouts and after this Bike MS race next weekend, I'm signing up for a half marathon in May!








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