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New mammogram “guidelines” suspect

Okay, so new federal mammogram guidelines came out today saying that women shouldn’t get mammograms until they’re 50. And these so-called guidelines also said that breast self-exams do no good. Really? So women should just hang out and wait until they turn 50—hoping that all’s well with their breasts, when breast cancer in young women under the age of 50 is on the rise! Sometimes, I wonder who’s making decisions like this—and more importantly, what lobbyists are being paid a lot of money to influence these decision makers. Hmmm….health-care reform is almost guaranteed to happen. And insurance companies potentially stand to lose in the process. Yet these insurance companies are the ones that pay for mammograms. Wonder if they have any of those lobbyists behind the picture? Yes, I’m suspicious but this I know: As we regularly say in Shape, getting to know your breasts through self-exams is one of the most important things you can do to keep your breasts healthy. And getting mammograms, while you’re young, is the second.


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