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New organic beauty products I'm loving

I recently came across these new brands and products—all natural and organic—and I've fallen in love with them...


FOR GETTING THE STINK OF SNEAKERS OUT: Amala is a collection of products with organic botanical ingredients; their products can get pricey, but this tiny bottle of Rose Room & Linen spray ($24; is worth it. We have a front hall at home where everyone deposits their sneakers and shoes before walking into the house...and needless to say it gets a bit smelly. I've been spraying the room with this spray—and it's definitely better! (Also comes in a Peppermint and a Lavender version.)


FOR DRY LIPS: Another line—Lily Organics—has gotten my attention...and particularly this Kissable Lips product ($4.79; It has beeswax, almond oil, sesame oil...and other ingredients you can actually recognize and pronounce. The packaging on the line isn't so fabulous...but I liken this to a delicious organic fruit that's a bit bruised on the outside—but yummy on the inside! (Plus of this product: I can use it, without worry, on my kids' lips.)


FOR EVERYDAY PAMPERING: The Malie Organics Pikake Body Cream ($30; makes you smell like you're on summer vacation...every day. The Pikake flower is a Hawaiian jasmine flower (I'm a HUGE jasmine fan...I even love green tea with jasmine in it!) that's amazing smelling. I've been using this every day and feel like I'm at a spa.


Just had to share!


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