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New year, new beginnings.

It's a new year and this usually means ditching bad habits and starting fresh. I've thought long and hard about this because 2008 was so big for me--moving to NYC, a new job, and living on my own--how could I make 2009 be any better?

But as we often say at Shape, it's easier to accomplish something if you're realistic about how to do it. Maybe make a list of three things you can do along the way to achieve your goal--and make sure they're small, simple, and not too involved. Come February most people have already given up on their New Year's resolution, but ideally you should be making a new one next month, for example losing another five pounds or adding a mile to your morning run. Instead of tackling something huge on my to-do list, like writing a feature story or interviewing a celebrity (okay...maybe these are very optimistic goals for an editor in chief's assistant) I'm going to take baby steps that will get me to where I want to go this year. Besides giving up artificial sweeteners (I like my coffee reallyyy sweet, and apparently these just aren't very good for you), I plan on pitching a story a week, and hopefully one of these will wow my bosses and make it into the magazine.


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