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New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve was this weekend and a friend and I had planned to go swing dancing to dance 2010 away! He was going to pick me up after another friend’s birthday dinner and ended up running more than an hour late—without calling. I was furious. I’d passed up dinner with my parents at a nice restaurant, cut my yoga practice short to shower, blow dry my hair, and put on makeup, and wasted an hour thinking “he’ll be here any minute.” I called once to ask where the heck he was, and again 20 minutes later to say I was no longer going to go out with him, and at the second call he still hadn’t left the restaurant! Talk about being stood up.


My parents must have read my mind because they brought home a piece of chocolate ganache cake from the restaurant they went to. So, I spent the evening chilling on the couch with my mom and Springer Spaniel, my dog enjoying the cake. We had a blast watching coverage Times Square on TV and I texting with my friends around the country.


So however your New Year’s Eve went (a party with friends, overindulging on champagne, at home, on vacation, or in slippers eating cake like me), give 2010 a wave goodbye and look ahead to 2011, which will be full of fun, fitness, new challenges, and new successes. There are always fresh starts. Can’t wait!



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