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No, the Chelsea Handler cover is not retouched

As a Shape reader myself since college and now the editor in chief of my all-time favorite magazine (yes, a total dream come true!) —I know how pissed off readers (and I) would be if we retouched the crap out of someone's body and put it on the cover as an example of how we all should look. Not only is it deceptive and just plain wrong, it sends the wrong message. But yet, despite all my assurances otherwise, we always get comments on how the bodies on our covers aren't "real"—as we have with this Chelsea cover.

So here's the deal: I work out, I try to eat right and I want to have positive examples I can look up and get inspired by. Chelsea Handler is actually one of my favorite covers so far because she's so like the rest of us: she has to work out really hard to get a great body (she specifically says having a great body does NOT run in her family)...and she still wants to eat real food (yes, sometimes french fries and Cheetos!). AND she has this amazing confidence about her body: She believes she's super sexy—and that confidence comes out on the cover and in the video (if you haven't seen it, check it out below...and you'll see too, that the body in that video is the body on the cover). If you haven't picked up a copy of the Chelsea Handler April issue yet, get thee to the newsstands :-): in it, she shows off the Pilates moves (you can do at home) that she swears by. (Also, I'm loving the bikini body workout this issue as it's amazing; it really challenged me but I'm keeping at it!)


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