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Oh baby!

Please don't assume that because I'm about to write about a new line of baby products, this post doesn't pertain to you. Wait! I have kids, and I'll admit, I brought Babo Botanicals products (which are free of sulfates, pthalates, chemical preservatives, formaldehyde, silicone--and are even vegan in case you or your kid can't take soy or dairy in or on you) home for my little guy, who is two and has incredibly sensitive skin (surely from my husband's side of the family). The range, which includes offerings for hair, skin, and scalp each with a featured healing botanical blend, was literally formulated to be tolerable to a newborn's sensitive skin. So I figured it would, at worst, not make my son's eczema worse, and at best, improve it. I couldn't believe my eyes (and I mean we've tried everything from prescription hydrators to steroid creams): After a week on the Oatmilk and Calendula lotion ($17;, all of his rough patches had disappeared. But here's where you come in. I grew so fond of the scent that I started using the lotion myself. Then my husband caught on--and eventually our daughter too. Now our whole family can't even agree on one brand of milk to drink; so you can see how this lotion has changed our lives! Whether you check out Babo Botanicals for you or your kids, you will not be disappointed, I promise. The quality will reel you in, the smell will convert you.


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