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Finding My Weight Loss Support System


I have been very motivated for the last week and want to share some of the things I have done to get my workouts kicked into full gear.

First I spoke with my family about my fitness and health goals to make sure that they were on board to support me.  My mother, Momarosa, loves to bake sweets, which are my favorite guilty snack. I asked her to try to come up with a few healthy alternatives for me. She got right on board and said that she would go to the book store or library to look up health alternatives.  I asked my boyfriend, Michael Clarke Duncan, to be my motivation coach. He is really into fitness and very knowledgeable about healthy living. He has agreed to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Next I went through my kitchen and pantry and got rid of all of the unhealthy snacks and treats. In my inevitable moments of weakness I do not want temptation to get the better of me.

I also asked several of my close friends to join me on my weight loss journey.  I promised to share all of the fitness tips and knowledge I gained with them and they committed to encouraging me and helping to keep me on track.

One of my close friends also suggested an app for my iPhone that helped her called LOSE IT! I immediately downloaded it from the Apple App store and have been using it for the last week. It is such a helpful tool, tracking what I eat throughout the day and how much I work out. It has really helped to monitor my caloric intake. I am sure that there are tons of apps out there, but I found this one to be easy for me to use on the go!

I have my first phone meeting with my dietician and my new trainer at Equinox coming up and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Omarosa Manigault is the West Coast Editor of Reality Weekly Magazine and is known as the "Queen of Reality,” having appeared on more than 20 reality shows in the last decade.  She has previously worked in the CNN Washington, D.C. newsroom and currently serves as an Executive Education Professor at the Howard University School of Business, also in DC. You can find her at or on twitter @OMAROSA.


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